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Rejestracja domen internetowych od 15zł / rok  netto

Podana cena netto dotyczy rejestracji nowej domeny na okres 1 roku. Przenieś domenę do DJA.PL Zobacz pełny cennik domen.

UPS! my website was hacked

If you are a site owner and you see one of these messages ... Your site can attack the hacker but do not panic,  we Clean your Website :)

 Examples alerts



DO NOT IGNORE THESE WARNINGS! - No response from the owner of the site, causes a decrease in the position domain in the Google search results and even complete its removal from the index.

Other symptoms that your website may be infected: 

  • In the Google search results under the domain name is the message "This site may be hacked"
  • Users receive a warning from the antivirus visiting your site example: Virus on a web page, malicious code on the Site This site may harm your computer
  • Your site redirects to an unknown address
  • You receive information from Google Search Console Tools or your hosting company that your website may have been infected  

On https://www.google.com/transparencyreport/safebrowsing/diagnostic/?hl=en check the current security status of your site and information about malware.


How did this happen ?

Infection is usually caused by outdated CMS software and its plugins or/and FTP passwords steal. 

What to do with this?

Read the article Cleaning the site in Google Webmaster Tools https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/163634?hl=en. 


We provide fast and effective Cleaning up an Malware from your website. Cost of the service depends on the degree of virus infection. The content of email, please provide the website URL. After the analysis we will send detailed information. All those who decide to move your site to our hosting, we provide constant monitoring of the site, and free malware remove when infected.

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